Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Our School Year To Now

The school year is speeding along. We are learning lots and having fun along the way. Our days begin with "Marjasoppa" - singing our welcome song, sharing news and birthdays, and usually enjoying a song or two, with Vatut (Raspberries, being our younger students), Lakat (Cloudberries) and the adults all together.
This year we also started using the
"Aamu" Finnish picture dictionary in our lessons. First up in the year was looking at ourselves – our faces, hands and body – and then our family.
We celebrated
Laskiainen, holding our own "Hippokisat" (Hippo games) with three events: beansack throwing, long jump and walking with beansacks on our heads!
We had fun ice skating at Ice World at the end of February.

The Kalevala was discussed for Kalevala Day and Henna sang part of the first poem of the Kalevala, which we all then tried! We got to see some Finnish national costumes and puukko knives. Our younger students (Vatut) designed their own Sampos which would even make lollies and chocolate! To end the festivities we made a piece of Kalevala jewellery and a helavyö.
Easter saw us making surprise eggs and witches on broomsticks, and of course eating Easter eggs!
Cards were the fashion for Mothers` Day, while a carnival atmosphere presided over our
Vappu celebrations. We had balloons, made little windmills, ate donuts and tasted sima.
We skipped rope, bowled, played ball games and pretended to ski and ice skate while learning about Sports.
Our now old favourites Kapteeni Käskee (Simon says), mölkky, 7-leikki, Jumppalaulu (heads, shoulders...) and Huugi guugi (the hokey pokey) all brought rounds of laughter and some exercise. And our little chefs again had the chance to try their hands at pullaa and "pigs in blankets"! YUM!
Many fun-filled days are yet ahead – welcome along!